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Radiant Wraps™ are designed as slip-on enclosures that are installed over the back panel of an existing baseboard unit, without nails or screws, and without the need to remove any of the unit's permanently installed components.
The above photo shows a new Radiant Wraps™ panel in place with an attached t-shaped Splice Plate. The exposed right side of the Splice Plate is ready to accept a new panel length of Radiant Wraps™. The right side of the photo shows the original enclosure with the snap-on components still in place. Prior to installing Radiant Wraps™, the original unit's front panels and accessory pieces will be removed to ensure a clean, finished look upon completion.

If the entire enclosure is missing or has been removed, we have Radiant Wraps™ Mounting Brackets designed specifically for this type of installation.  
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