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Once a new section of Radiant Wraps has been installed, its inter-locking joinery system will create a stable, self-supporting enclosure that will not rattle, bend or bounce out of alignment. The following drawings illustrate the components and adjustable joinery incorporated into the Radiant Wraps baseboard retrofit system. Non-90-degree corners and/or Bay Window installations are discussed in the Installation Solutions section on the following page.
  Components and Joinery
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Component System 1 432KB
Component System 2 440KB
Mounting Bracket Detail  62KB
Joinery Detail #1  105KB
Joinery Detail #2  117KB
We will guide you through a proven ordering and installation process that has been enthusiastically endorsed by do-it-yourself homeowners from Maine to California (please see customer reviews). We are also available to work with your architect, decorator, contractor or handyman.
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