We can provide installation solutions for almost any type of baseboard retrofit. It is not unusual that the existing enclosures do not appear to fit within our dimensional height or depth profiles, or are entirely missing, or have a back panel that is recessed into a tile wall, or are installed below wainscoting. These are examples of issues that will be thoroughly discussed in the "live" worksheet phase of the ordering process. It does not happen often, but we will decline an order if the installation process requires a level of skill that is not proven and field-tested.
Installation Solutions: to view or download any of the special installation instructions in pdf format,
click on the appropriate listing below:
End Cap Molding Notch Bay Window Corner Installation
Snip & Bend Height Adjustment Bay Window Top Rail Wedge
Mounting Bracket Installation   Bay Window Corner Measuring Instructions
Removing Back Panels and Support Brackets Snipping End of Back Panel  
Removing Back Panels and Support Brackets 2 Flush Mount Molding Installation
Re-using Existing Support Brackets   Toilet Clearance Installation
Flashing, Wire Supports & Mounting Bracket Installation Recessed Panel Installation
Hook and Eye Heating Element Support Panel Notch for Exterior Plumbing Run
Wainscoting Installation  Outside Corner Installation
Spacer Board Depth Clearance Installation Inside Corner Close-up
Non 90-degree Corner End Cap to Tile Base Molding
Limited Door Swing Electric Unit Retrofit

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